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Cosi fan tutte


“Sarah Nordin was a suitably ditsy and convincingly teen aged Dorabella with a rich mezzo-soprano that fit Mozart’s music like a glove.”

“Integral to the success of Winter Opera’s effort was uniformly splendid singing by Sarah Nordin, as Dorabella. She handled her arias with considerable poise and polish, milking the comic moments in de Ponte’s libretto along the way.”

       -    Ladue News


“The Dorabella of this production was the outstanding Sarah Nordin who gave simply one of the finest performances of this role I have seen.  Vocally ravishing she nevertheless energized this spirited character by deftly balancing the cathartic anger and fear which motivate her – this was all contained in her scena “Ah, scostati… smanie.”   

       -, Blake Duncan


Miss Nordin's voice has a lovely, slightly darker shade and the duet, "Ah! guarda sorella" in

Act 1 is especially delicious.

      -     Broadway World

“Sarah Nordin’s warm voice suits the more adventurous sibling,”

       -    Orlando Sentinel

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