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Die Fledermaus

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“I have now watched a number of different performances of Chacun a son gout and Sarah Nordin’s is by far my favorite Prince Orlofky.  Nobody else brings this role to life for me.  Sarah’s confident strut is that of a chronically bored aristocrat from a nation that is vast and rural but struggling to get into Western European high society. 

Orlofsky is actually a complicated character and Sarah Nordin is the only performer that I have seen that portrays him in a way that seems appropriate to me."

        -    Opera Blog, Alžbeta Vacek



“Sarah Nordin, can obviously sing and has a likable touch that served her well as the Russian Price Orlofsky.”
          -  Andrew Meacham, Tampa Bay Times


“Sarah Nordin’s clear voice rings out as the party host”

        -    Orlando Sentinel, Mathew Palm

“Lush-voiced mezzo-soprano Sarah Nordin was outstanding as the comically bored Prince Orlofsky, unfazed by the challenges of this gender-bending role.”
      - Finger Lakes Times

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